IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal in Aberdeen at Abzolute Beauty Salon & Spa

IPL treatments at Abzolute beauty salon, Aberdeen are quick and painless. By selectively targeting the melanin in your hair and not the surrounding skin, the system uses a pulse of intense light to disable the hair follicle. However, only the hair in the growing phase of the growth cycle will be effectively removed, therefore, a course of IPL treatments is recommended.

Specialist Service

Equidermis therapists are highly trained specialists who ONLY perform IPL treatments to improve your appearance. Therefore, you can be assured of better advice, better treatment, and better results.

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Hair Removal

With IPL treatment the hair follicle is precisely targeted, resulting in a more efficient treatment. You can expect that, on average, after 6-8 treatments around 70% of unwanted hair will be destroyed. Due to the efficiency of our systems and the particularly large spot size, treatment times are greatly reduced.

Intense pulses of specially filtered light penetrate the skin, specifically targeting the bacteria that cause acne.
Further treatments can help stimulate the natural regenerative power of the skin, improving its appearance and texture, thus helping your skin to find a more equal balance.

Unsightly veins are a problem from which many of us suffer. We can treat red threads on the face or body. Treatments are quick, effective and relatively painless.

As we age, sagging and wrinkling of the skin is inevitable. This is the consequence of both the ageing process and our hectic lifestyles. The reduced activity of special fibres (collagen), that lie deep within the skin, is the main contributor to lines and wrinkles. These fibres give our skin its elasticity and allow it to recover its smooth surface. As they become less efficient the skin will wrinkle and gravity causes facial tissue to sag. We can revitalise these collagen fibres and create the effect of a facelift without the pain, cost, or risk of surgery.


There will be a permanent reduction in hair growth. In many clients there is a total clearance after a course of treatments but each client has to be assessed individually.

No! We use a cooling system that numbs the skin before and after treatment therefore there is no pain.

You will need at least 6 treatments. Different areas of the body have numerous hair growth cycles all of which have to be destroyed. On average a client will need 4 – 10 treatments over a period of 10 – 12 months, followed up with a maintenance treatment a couple of times per year.

No! Lasers tend to be harsher on the skin and are only suitable for specific skin and hair types. IPL technology can provide a softer alternative and a wider range of treatments.

This IPL system has the largest treatment spot size on the market so is up to 5 times faster than other light based systems. Typically a top lip can be treated in a matter of minutes and both underarms in around 15-20.

Pulses of light emitted from the IPL machine target the melanin of the hair causing it to heat up rapidly. The heat in the hair is transferred to the adjacent growth cells that in turn reach a temperature in excess of 70 degrees*

A patch test will determine the correct setting for your hair and skin type. There may be short term reddening, mild burning, temporary bruising and discolouration, in very rare cases there can be blistering, these effects will pass and are not permanent.

Do's and Don'ts

  •  No sun or UV exposure at least two weeks before and after treatment
  •  If you are having the hair removal treatment no waxing, tweezing or threading – this will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Instead you can cut, shave or use hair removal cream.
  • Please ensure you cleanse and shave area prior to treatment (hair removal)
  • No perfume, make up or deodorant on area to be treated on the day
  • Please advise your therapist if your medical circumstances change

Consultation is free, patch test is £20, which is redeemable against 1st treatment.

Upper Lip £35

Chin £35

Chest £160

Bikini £80

Forearms £110

Lower Legs £160

Upper Legs £160

Full Face £110

Underarm £70

Full Back & Neck £200

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