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Fruity & Exotic Fragrance Set

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Ashleigh and Burwood Fruity & Exotic Fragrance Set. Now it’s even easier to buy some of our most popular Lamp Fragrances with A&B’s new Lamp Fragrance collections. Each set includes a selection of 3x 180ml Lamp Fragrance, giving excellent value for money.

1 x Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 180ml – Ice Spa

A wonderfully zingy combination of citrus notes, together with hints of pineapple, passionfruit and grapefruit. Subtle notes of ginger give an extra tangy dimension to this fruity fragrance.

1 x Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 180ml – Perfect Vanilla

A super-sweet and intense vanilla fragrance, combining sensual hints of coconut and caramel. Amber notes also add a subtly spicy element to this hazy and romantic fragrance.

1 x Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 180ml – Sicilian Lemon

The sharp tangy notes of juicy lemons, limes and oranges are tempered with the aromatic addition of oriental evergreen scents. A stimulating and tangy fragrance, full of refreshingly zesty energy.


Fragrance Type: Fruity & Exotic, Sweet

Size: 180ml

Burning Time (approx):  7 Hours (per bottle)

Additional Details:

Brand: Fragrance Lamps by A&B

Product Type:  Lamp Fragrance Collection

Fragrance Type: Fruity & Exotic, Sweet

Fragrance Name: Fruity & Exotic Scents – Ice Spa, Perfect Vanilla and Sicilian Lemon.

Burning Time: Approximately 7 hours of use (per bottle) with a large lamp (20-25% longer with a small lamp)

Please note that Ashleigh & Burwood Premium Fragrance Lamps Fragrance should only be used with our “Premium Fragrance Lamps”. This fragrance should not be used with any other type of burner.



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