OPI Infinite Shine Primer 15ml

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Add Top & Base Coat to your chosen shade of lacquer for a gorgeous, smooth, non-yellowing, long-lasting finish.

Together, the ProStay Primer and Gloss provide optimum sticking power and less chipping.

  • 60% higher gloss retention.
  • 25% higher shine.
  • Use them with one of Infinite Shine’s shades, for up to 11 days of gel-like wear & shine.

How to use:

Prime – Apply one coat of the “Primer Base Coat” to prepare nails.
Apply two coats of your chosen Infinite Shine Lacquer. Wait two minutes after second Lacquer coat to apply “Gloss Top Coat”.
Gloss – Finish with one coat of “Gloss” for a durable finish, that cures to a mirror shine in natural light.