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Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector



Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector – Kiss Your Wrinkles Good-Bye!

This latest generation cosmetic product is for you if…
– You have botulinum toxin injections: use as a REINFORCEMENT of your injections
– You do not have injections: ALTERNATIVE to the injections to complete your anti-ageing program.

It’s formula will act like a daily micro-dose of dermo-relaxing peptides without the pain of injections. Skin will become smoother, more relaxed and rejuvenated. Expression lines visibly fade away! Highly concentrated formula. Clinically approved.



To limit the facial micro-contractions that cause the appearance and permanence of expression lines and reproduce on the epidermis the same result as botulinum toxin on the skin through cosmetic action.


Complete the filling of expression lines.


Using its high-precision applicator, apply the product morning and evening directly to the affected area: forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines around the eyebrows, nasogenian furrows and finish with light effleurage strokes. Follow with a suitable serum and cream. Suitable for men and women. For all skin types.


Fragrance free


  • Reduces expression lines.
  • Calms contractions in the face.
  • Softens and smooths.
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates skin.
  • Leaves skin with a youthful appearance.

Observational clinical test under medical dermatological control*:
– Reinforces the efficiency of the injection in 87%* of treated cases,
– Prolongs the efficiency of the injection in 63%* of treated cases,
– Delays the subsequent injection*,
– Visibly smooths expression lines: 80%** satisfaction.
Clinical study carried out on 30 people who had received a botulinum toxin injection 6 to 10 weeks before the application of BX wrinkle corrector and who had applied the product twice daily for 90 days.
*Overall impression among dermatologists.
**Self-evaluation carried out on 30 people.




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