Sothys Energizing Serum 30ml

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This powerful serum is incredibly soft and light to apply, and was designed to help the skin to defend itself in any situation against the harmful effects of environmental stress, which can accelerate skin ageing.

Key Ingredients:

Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract
Protects the cell to maintain good energy levels and boosts intracellular energy.

Organic elderberry extract – Patent pending FR 18 53898
A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution 92%*. Anti-free radical. * Anti-pollution protection: 92% – in vitro testing of keratinocytes exposed to urban pollution.

How to use:

Perfect booster in the skincare routine: its light texture means that it can be applied before another serum. And has been shown to optimize the efficiency of the cream used with it.
Apply the morning and the evening over the entire face and neck area. Follow with your usual Sothys cream.

* Depolluting = helps to limit damaged to the skin caused by pollution.

For an intensive course of treatment: Energizing serum + Depolluting* youth cream.
Throughout the year: Energizing serum to associate with all other youth creams.