Sothys Firming Youth Serum

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This serum, with a gel texture helps to limit skin slackening, to visibly tone, firm and lift the features.

Who is it recommended for:

  • Devitalised skin
  • Skin lined with wrinkles
  • Heavy and slack features

DERMO-DENSIFYING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Copper Peptides: A boost for the skin to facilitate the natural activity of collagen and elastin synthesis, a source of firmness for the face.

COMPLEMENTARY DERMO-DENSIFYING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: NAG6P: this ground breaking molecule is essential for hyaluronic acid synthesis. Ellagic Acid: selected for its preventative anti-free radical and anti-MMP action.

DERMO-LIFTING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Manioc and Pullulan extract: for an immediate tightening effect and smoothing action.

At the cutting edge of innovation, Sothys Advanced Research was inspired by the latest-generation dermo-aesthetic techniques and now provides an unprecedented cosmetic solution* with its 6 new serums, each corresponding to a specific skin problematic.

What you can feel:

My skin appears devitalised.
It is marked with wrinkles, and my features are heavy and slack.
I would like to preserve my skin’s tone.

The Firming-specific Youth serum, with its stretch effect gel texture, helps to limit skin slackening to tone, firm and visibly lift the features.

Skin is less slack, it is toned 100% satisfaction**
Smoothed figures 100% satisfaction**
Improvement in firmness 26% after 30 days and 40% after 60 days***

Your Youth serum has never been so effective !*

Combining or alternating several Youth serums and Sothys Anti-ageing creams allows to meet all of your requirements and give you real variety in your daily ritual.