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Sothys Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion and Shower Foam



Sothys Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion This lotion helps slow down the formation of cellulite. Concentrated with marine extracts this lotion slows the formation of cellulite as it smooths and streamlines the body contour.  It reduces water retention, activates microcirculation and delays tiredness and swelling sensations.

Body Duo Contains:

Sothys Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion 400ml
Sothys Oriental Shower Foam 150ml

Suitable for all skin types.

After application, the skin is thoroughly nourished, soft, smooth and satiny.
The skin’s suppleness is immediately restored.
Even the most dehydrated and dry skin can enjoy instant comfort, thanks to the white lupine extract which enables the skin to maintain an optimum level of hydration.

Recommended Use: Apply in the morning and/or evening, after a bath or shower, all over the body.


Effectively eliminates any desquamations and deeply cleanses the skin leaving it soft, supple and pleasantly perfumed.
The corn oil contained in this scrub nourishes the skin preventing it from dryness,
Activates restoration processes, provides elasticity, firmness, softness and comfort, prevents ageing processes.

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