Sothys Purity Beauty Milk, 200ml

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Sothys Cleansing Beauty Milk The first step in fighting against aging is to properly clean the skin well. A proper and complete cleansing process entails a pH balanced cleanser and toner. refreshing and disinfecting cleanser that uses camphor extract to treat oily skin with imperfections. Camphor extract is derived from the wood of the camphor tree. Indigenous to China and Japan, this tree contains a potent extract that respects skin’s own natural oils, but is capable of eliminating excess impurities and microorganisms. Camphor is both antiseptic and astringent.

Light milk with iris extract to remove make-up and purify.


Apply to the face and neck, and proceed with little circular movements. Remove with a cotton pad or rinse with water, and complete with the Lotion.


The skin is free of superficial impurities (make-up, pollution, dust).