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Sothys Sheer Lipstick Rouge Doux

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Sothys Sheer Lipstick. This glossy finish sheer lipstick leaves a moisturising and plumping veil for lusciously full, nude lips. Its uniquely melting texture, softness and fruity scent will win you over.

Active ingredients

Mango but­ter and rice bran oil

To moisturise, sooth and regenerate.

Com­plex of omega 3, 6 and 9

For a moisturising, sculpting and revitalising effect.

Es­sen­tial poly­mer + nat­ural gum

To provide extraordinary shine.


A lip-biting effect. Continuous hydration for 8 hours!* 85% of users
would consider including this formula in their make-up essentials kit.**
* Average corneometer result obtained with 10 subjects, 8 hours after application.
** Self-assessment test performed with 20 subjects after 15 days of application. 85% satisfaction with the global effectiveness of the product.

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