Body Rituals

Sothy’s takes it inspiration from Europe to South East Asia, to offer a unique selection of luxury body rituals. These exclusive treatments focus on relaxation, wellness and harmony for the body and mind, created to re-awaken the senses!

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Orient Essence Ceremony

Indulgence is now a necessity with this blissful ritual. Soft smooth skin is a reality following exfoliation with a Ginger infused balm. Smooth Balinese pebbles in soft gauze soaked in a warmed exotic oils and luxurious spiced Granita – are used to perform a massage that is inspired by Asian and Indian techniques. The body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit soothed and the skin hydrated, soft and luminous. An unparalleled sensory experience.



Hanakasumi Body Ritual

Experience the ancient art of beauty with this relaxing body ritual. Your journey begins with the application of a warmed exfoliating cream with Cherry Blossom and Rice Powder. Inspired by Japanese bath tradition, an exfoliating towel massage softens the skin and invigorates the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy. Complete the ritual with a full body massage of melted aromatic shea butter to bring blissful relaxation.



Sensorial Escape

This customized and unique ritual with delicate aromas offers total relaxation and a sensorial experience. The ritual will begin with a sweet and salty exfoliation for velvety soft skin. A superbly relaxing body massage with your choice of essential oils is added to this ritual to make it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. A sensorial escape to continue at home with the corresponding Nourishing elixir.



Purifying Back Treatment

An ideal treatment for problematic skins and a treat for this much neglected area. The back is deep cleansed, body brushed and exfoliated to stimulate circulation and cell renewal, then calmed and relaxed with a luxurious aromatherapy massage.



Hawaiian Body Polish

This healing and smoothing exfoliating treatment will leave your skin youthful, radiant, and moisturized.  The exotic scents are both sweet and seductive to promote well being and relaxation.

Experience the very best body polish, straight from Hawaii!



Secret de Sothys Ritual

Unique ritual par excellence.

Indulge in our most luxurious body treatment with rich, delicate textures and soft, subtle scents. A journey for all your senses, experience a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility as the skin is enveloped in a protective cocoon where time is suspended. A captivating exfoliation with hints of rose and blackcurrant is followed with our soothing signature massage infused with our precious Secrets de Sothys body cream. Awaken from your journey completely restored with skin that feels as if it has been wrapped in velvet, skin and cashmere.

When sensory and technical become one …

The ritual Secrets of Sothys combines elegance and sophistication with the ingredients of a unique treatment par excellence, an unforgettable parenthesis of well-being:

  • 11 unique galenics ultra concentrated in active for 11 sensory and effective stages of the facial and body treatment
  • A specific facial technique exclusive by Sothys, the Liftoplastie ™ for plumping action felt immediately,
  • A Bio cellulose mask for a second skin Sothys effect
  • The softness of modeling Porcelains for cryo-like effect *
  • 2h 30m exclusively dedicated to your body, your face and your spirit for a deep relaxation and a record efficiency even after a week



Executive Escape for Men

This escape puts you and your wellbeing right at the centre of each individual treatment.  A smoothing salt + sugar scrub is followed by a relaxing body massage with your choice of delicious warm melting butter, oil or cream combined with our fresh and invigorating masculine fragrance.  Approx 1hr 15 minutes.